Sunday, 22 January 2012

What a 'weak' end!

Interesting week end. Went to the vet with Harvey on Saturday to get a new splint and bandage cum handle bar tape put on it, then spent the rest of the week end explaining to complete strangers that the whole thing looks a lot worse than it is. He has broken a small bone in his front toe ... not a total crush fracture of the whole leg... pass it on. The bandage lasted one and half days. He broke the splint on the East beach at North Berwick this evening, playing with friends, which includes every dog he ever meets... so another trip to the vet tomorrow looks in order . Saturday afternoon saw me joining  a Life Drawing class (not as the model!) There followed by a session of drills at the triathlon swimming club. Most of them were about swimming on your side, which maybe lead to the very runny nose and all the signs of a cold this morning. This should have given me a good excuse to lay in bed till lunch time, but instead I was harried into a run with Frank along the half marathon route. I bailed out at 'Joiners Brae' making excuses about my cold. I reckon I did 8 of the 13 miles plus a mile home and unbelievably felt a lot better at the end than I did at the beginning.