Wednesday, 25 January 2012

All Clear

Over the last few months, my friend, Christine has been going down to the Western General Hospital to  get a three weekly dose of chemo therapy. Last week she got the results back from the scan and blood test and brilliant news, she is in remission. During the time she spent getting treatment, she continued to swim and run, showing great courage and spirit in the face of adversity. Recently, she had been giving me some tips on swimming stroke improvement, to help me realise my New Year's resolution of swimming less like a snake and more like a swan, and its working. Not my opinion, a long time friend who works at the Loch Centre pointed out my snaky technique to me before Christmas. Yesterday, he said he couldn't believe how much my technique has improved. So, what I have to do now is keep on until the body memory of the good technique is laid down and I don't slip back into my bad old ways. 
I wanted to mark Christine's good news in some way and she had mentioned (on the blog) that she liked one of my paintings, so I put it in a mount and gave it to her... with unanticipated results. And I mean results... yesterday, I got a real spike in the hits on my blog. Usually, the stats are between 20 and 40 hits a day. Yesterday they hit 62 and the majority of them were on the blog which included the painting that Christine liked. You've guessed what happened -  Christine wrote her blog about her recent good news and mentioned  the painting with a hyper-link to it. So lots of people who were reading her log popped over to take a look... sweet or what!
On the painting front, I'm in the middle of a project. I have been bowled over by the conical shaped building I came across at Hedderwick Hill Stables. So I have been back there and sketched it. I did a preliminary painting of it and now I'm doing a bigger one - 20 x 16" As usual I'm learning as I go, so watch this space.

The Fridge.