Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Telford College, Foundation Course in Art and Design

You may have noticed that I use my blog to discuss the things that I am interested in. Fair enough...
Running gets mentioned quite often, cycling has also featured on the higher ranks of my labels and Harvey is up there near the top, but consider this
Art has been labelled 69 times,
Drawing 13 times
Water colour 5 times
Nudes 5 times
Painting 5 times
Sketches 2
Get the picture! ha ha... I like art. I like to paint, draw and look at art. On a weekly basis, I  attend the North Berwick art group and I go along to Sheena Phillips water colour classes. I am trying to make some time between other things to do some painting at home.
So what! you might ask... Well, erm, the question of what to do now that I have retired has cropped up in my mind. Let's face it I'm not going to break the three hour barrier in a marathon, so I don't have to go pounding the streets and the countryside in every God forsaken weather that this beautiful country can throw at us. I could build up my Shiatsu practice again, and I have considered that quite seriously.
The thing that really appeals to me right now is developing my skills in painting, drawing and lots of other aspects of art. Now I could sit in my house and  create stuff, which would be great, but I know that there is lots that I don't know. With that in mind, I have been trawling through the courses available to some one as long in the tooth as me. The result... a nice surprise. The art teaching world out there say that they want to encourage 'mature students.'
Today, I took a trip up to Telford College. It's quite a place... opened in 2006, in the Waterside development area of Edinburgh. A helpful guy from the reception took me up to Floor 3, where Art and design is located and showed me around and one of the staff answered my questions and gave me the gen on the place. Result... I have applied for the course that starts in August. The next stage is to put together a portfolio, which in my present state of knowledge might as well be 'put together a Mars voyager.' There will be interviews in February.
It's all very exciting and a bit scary.

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