Saturday, 28 January 2012

Life drawing at Poldrate Mill

Last Saturday was typical of the sort of weather we have been enjoying in East Lothian, bright winter sun and very chilly. Just the sort of weather to get your kit off. Not me, but the model in the Life Drawing class, held in the high roofed and chilly Poldrate Mill. The temperature wasn't a problem due to the strategically placed heaters, one of which appears in the drawings. The drawings were done in charcoal and a bit of chalk. Unlike other Life Drawing sessions I have been to, this one didn't have a tutor. We just got on with it ourselves. This free approach is a good way of doing a session, but I do like to have a critical eye cast over my work and I have learned a lot from various tutors at the Pitclay gallery, Footscray Community Arts in Merlbourne and at the National Gallery. Everyone has their own approach and I would say that there is no 'right' way of drawing, but there are 'good' and 'not so good' drawings. I think it comes down to looking really deeply at the model. Getting proportions right in relation to each other and going for it. These drawings were done quickly for practice and are not the finished article. Like everything in art, practice is the route to improvement.

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