Sunday, 27 March 2016

Prequel Day - 7: 28 June 2009

I headed south from Brae until I met the A970 and instead of following it south to Lerwick, I cycled eastwards along the B9071 to Laxo and then south along  the A9075 along the coast to North and South Nesting. I continued south until I rejoined the A970 for Lerwick. Camped in the town camp site and made friends with a couple of seagulls who liked to visit outside my tent. There was a music festival on, so enjoyed going to that. My trip around the north sea cycle route is recorded on Google maps. Take a look at the tags at the places I camped en-route, they are all linked to the daily blog of my trip.

South Nesting

Hector my camping buddy

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