Sunday, 13 December 2009

Cinderella at Florabank

There’s nothing quite like a good amateur panto to put you in the Christmas mood…
Oh no there isn’t… Oh yes there is.
I went along to Florabank residential care home on Friday night to watch Cinderella and the place was packed. They must know something I don’t I thought as I sat cross legged on the floor, between my dad and another octogenarian. My dad’s great granddaughter and his granddaughter and partner soon joined us and we were ready for the show, but not before Carols. Now, there’s nothing like Carols to give you that Christmas feeling…
Oh no there isn’t… Oh yes there is.
However, the Carols went on o’er long, and we started to suspect that there might have been a few hiccups with the cast. The compare confirmed this when he announced that Santa was having trouble parking the reindeer. Before too long we heard a bell ringing and Santa appeared carrying a bag of pressies. Santa this year wasn’t his usual rolly-polly, ho ho ho, self. He had a distinct edge about him and a sort of gruff charm. One or two of us had to watch out and avoid the bell. But Santa’s little helpers did a splendid job, even though Santa had forgotten his glasses and couldn’t read the names on the pressies.

After all that excitement, we were more than ready for the panto. It turned out to be hilarious, especially in the unscripted comedy bits. The ugly sisters lived up to their name and the fairy godmother was someone you wouldn’t want to meet on your way home in the dark…
Oh no you wouldn’t… Oh yes you would.
Buttons was a real star and held it all together while Cinderella was very beautiful. So, Cinders went to the Ball and the residents got their pressies, and we all had a splendid buffet afterwards. If you’re wondering where Santa went… he’s behind you.


  1. ha ha ha a lovely festive anecdote thanks for that doddel, would have liked to have been there (oh no i wouldnt!!!.....) miss you, thinking of your xmas tree, minced pies and sparkling wine :) XXX

  2. Christmas tree is out of the attic and will be going up soon.

    Deck the hall with Christmas holly, fa la la la la... la la laaaaaaa

  3. It was a funny event craigs looked shifty eyed for some of it.... Grandad did not enjoy the female vocalist - his face was all screwed up - hilarious!! X

  4. I think that the fairy godmother will go far.