Monday, 21 December 2009

Do you want to write a short story?

This blog is about writing... stories, poems and any other stuff that is worth reading!! It also gives me a chance to write about Harvey and the places we go and of course the occasional film or concert or café I visit. I’m intending to write about the books I read as well. But the main thing is writing.

In this spirit, I’m going to write a short story and this is the rub… I want your help!. Now I don’t think I’m the first person to take this line. Kate Mosse… not the model – the author wrote about the process of developing her book 'Labyrinth’ online. She has a great web site, which I will put onto my links. So, what I am looking for are comments and ideas from you about the ideas I have for this story and we can see how it will work out. The initial idea for the story came from a small incident in my back garden… I was getting a key off a hook and my eyes locked with my neighbour. He didn’t know what I was doing and I didn’t know what he was thinking.

This is where I started with the story a couple of days ago.
  1. The storyline involves a key hidden behind a fence.
  2. In this story, I want to portray the personality of two characters.
  3. There must be four unexpected turns in the story.
    • Someone misinterprets the reason the lead is looking behind the fence.
    • The key goes missing.
    •  Jed turns out to be an alien -  dubbh
    •  Dubbh
  4. Action through dialogue
  5. What is the problem the character has to resolve?
  6. Run two stories in parallel
As you see, this was a flow of consciousness and two of my four turns in the story didn’t occur to me until later. But, a major turn in the story that I want to explore, is the incredible ability that Jed (he’s the main character has.) He may be mad but he can read  the thoughts that people are having. For instance, his psychiatrist has a flowery font, which turns out to be significant.

So, these ingredients may or not figure in the story…what do you think?

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