Sunday, 20 December 2009

I don't belong to Glasgae

Took my life into my own hands and stayed over in Wegie land last Friday night. They know how to party over there. During our walk up Sauchiehall Street I avoided dozens of groups who were keen on carrying on their office party celebrations. My suggestion to pop into Yates’ Wine Lodge to sample the atmosphere received a definite ‘NO’ from Pat, so we made it to her friends, Terry and Danny in one piece.

I know many people like to strain the national grid these days with their Disneyland of Christmas lights, but not everyone puts on a high class Christmas show inside their home. Terry is one person who does. His two Christmas trees are a superb example of the fine art of Christmas decorations. The whole house sparkled with style and panache. This was topped off with a splendid meal and more that one or two glasses of the fizzy stuff.

Where was Harvey, you may ask? He had an equally exciting time on a sleep over with Skye. He spent a good deal of time on Saturday with Kara, Skye and Corrie, tearing around fields in the snow. He was quite sleepy on Saturday night.

So did everything go without a hitch? Well not quite… on the way home, I got on the train for North Berwick, when I was actually heading for Dunbar… oh well, you can’t win em all, but I did manage to get my own tree up today. Although it isn't a patch on Terry's tree, it does sit rather splendidly in the corner of the room.

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