Saturday, 5 December 2009

To be or not to be... and what will Harvey do?

Getting out and about has proved a bit tricky the last few weeks because I have Harvey to think about. I decided to adopt a policy of taking him with me to as many places as possible and in general, this worked out very well, no doubt largely due to his charming personality. He is a regular feature at the Tyneside Tavern on Wednesday nights after the running club session, but there are places I can’t take him to. Work is one of them, so the decision is should I leave him at home or leave him in the car near where I work, so that I can pop out to give him a quick walk at tea break and a longer one at lunch time? Mostly, I have left him in the car. Last Thursday I left him at home in his usual place with his comfy bed and told him I would be back after work. I didn’t put him in his cage because he has been quite settled at night in that situation. Before I left work that night, Kerry said ‘I hope he’s been a bit naughty, but not too naughty.’ Sure enough he had been a bit naughty. He had ripped up a plastic bag and a bamboo stick… not too bad I thought as I picked them up off the floor, then I noticed the lead to the radio. Harvey had bitten right through it… he’s got teeth that cuts through wire! Luckily, I had switched the plugs off, of I could have had a fried Harvey to come home to.

Going out at night requires another decision about Harvey, which revolves around, should I take him with me or leave him at home or… ask someone to look after him. There have been no end of volunteers since I got him. So, Harvey had his first sleep over last night. He stayed in Innerwick with his pal Skye. That left me free to attend the opening party of the new shiatsu school and practice premises at 35 – 37 Bread Street, Ed. It is a great setting to receive shiatsu and Tamsin Granger, who runs the Shiatsu School is a wonderful practitioner… highly recommended. After that I went to see ‘Me and Orson Wells, starring the remarkable Christian McKay and the wonderful Claire Danes. This is a real quality film about the early career of the great man. It is set in the early 1930’s and shows the action through the eyes of a young man, who becomes an actor. I enjoyed the film immensely, and yes, actors do have ego’s the size of a double decker bus.

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