Monday, 9 November 2009

Doggy’s Tail

Last night Harvey came to stay. His owner Paul brought him to the house and he we chatted for an hour as Harvey and I got to know each other. Harvey is inquisitive, he had a good look all around the house and made friends with me quickly. It was a good start, but how would he take to his new surroundings? The first test was when Paul left, Harvey was a bit upset with a little whimper, and he had a look at the door. But his attention was soon taken with Pat who arrived five minutes later. Harvey was very interested with the cooking going on in the kitchen. He really took to Pat and wanted to be on her knee all the time. He has a winning way about him, and is full of fun and mischief. After the meal, it was time for our first walk. Harvey loved it; he was interested in every little thing we passed and particularly the lampposts. He walks lightly on his feet and is fast. The main test that confronted him last night was being left on his own for the first time in a new house. He usually shares a dog cage at night with several other dogs so it must have been very strange for him to spend a night without them When the lights went out he whimpered for a while and I returned and talked to him. He soon settled and never made another noise all night. What a well-adjusted mutt he is! This morning he was excited and dashed around the place with lots of jumping on laps and licking. We have been for another walk and he is sitting near the fire looking happy. It seems that my life has changed for ever but on the evidence so far it's for the better.


  1. Spent all day with Harvey and we are now officially 'bonding.'

  2. super kute dod!!! i cant wait to meet him. last i heard from you, you were thinking about it but ben let me know u were getting him andi presume that why i havent heard from u in a while! great to read all about harbey and get an idea of his personality. he seems like a beautifully natured dog, and pat would be pleased how much he liked (licked?!) her! u havent mentioned in your blog who pat is i noticed. how dod lia and harvey get on? call me this week sometime. love and miss you XXX

  3. Hi Zoes

    Are you still able to use your mob? Day2 with Harvey has been very good. He has met people at work and he got on really well with Lia and Skye. Seems like he is a hit with everyone. I am very lucky to have such a good natured mutt.

    love you xx

  4. Ray,

    Are we going to see Harvey at races?

  5. Yes, he'll be there and full of enthusiasm, he's not a bad little runner himself.