Tuesday, 3 November 2009

An Autumn Leaf with Attitude

Over the last few blogs I've been developing ideas for a poem on Autumn Leaves. If anyone wants to join me on this project you will be very WELCOME! As promised I have produced the first draft of the poem. I got to it by thinking about all the leaves that fall at this time of year... there are crowds of them. It reminded me of being in a busy shopping centre full of people. So I thought even though it is a mass of leaves, each one is individual and just like people in crowd thinking of themselves as individuals I can take a slant on a single leaf as an individual in amongst the whole scene. So here is the first draft:

An Autumn Leaf with Attitude

I am an Autumn Leaf.
One of many
and just like you,
I have my story to tell.
I know a thing or two
about life.

My ancestors - all 123 seasons
left me a message of growth.
Another year unfolds and
I add to the story as I
watch this Oak grow old.

My season is done but
I will leave in a blaze;.
I’ve changed already.
I’m a chameleon of earth colours,
fluttering at the tip of my branch.

Soon I will join my cousins,
feeding the earth
or I might ride the burn
to some far away bank.

But till then,
I’m a note in the symphony.
Rising and falling
with the wind.

Delight your eyes
with my delicate dance.
Watch me move,
Vibrant, in the dappled light.

I will cover you
like a storm of snow
and children will play,
amazed by my bounty.

© 3 November 2009


  1. i like it dod, i'm seeing autumn in a whole new light. do you know after reading your descrirtion words before you wrote this poem, i went back out onto the streets of visakhaptnam, my head full of internet thoughts and images and sat at juice stall drinking a fresh orange juice. a mid 30yr old couple sat next to me and had the smae drimk, we smiled alot and communicated thru gestures as they didnt speak english and i didnt speak telgu...i pointed at the full moon above and the lady smiled and said 'autumn'. later that nigh i noticed a moth on the wall with wings that looked liked dried leaves, hence the mention of both these things in my poe. so although it doesnt feel like autumn at all here, its in my thoughts alot due to your autumn project xxx

  2. Thanks Zoe

    It's really nice to hear about your thoughts and activities. I like the comparison of a moth to a dried leaf.