Thursday, 5 November 2009


Sometimes things happen that warm your heart. This week an unexpected and exciting thing happened to me. A friend at work knows how much I love dogs. When her nephew was looking for a new home for his nine-month-old Parsons Russell Terrier, called Harvey, she thought of me. I have seen his photo and he is very cute. He is house trained and lead trained and has an excellent pedigree. His owner, Paul says he has a very good nature and gets on well with other dogs and people. He has grown a bit big for shows so Paul thought he would make someone a good pet. That lucky someone is me.
I immediately responded to him and so did half the people in the office. They are as excited about him as I am. This afternoon, I started a document on the shared drive at work so that we can make a list of the things he will need. After thinking of some of the adjustments I will need to make in my life I phoned Paul and we have arranged for them both to come around next Monday evening. I can’t wait.

I went to the Tyne and Esk writers group last night. It was an unusual meeting because a storyteller called Greg joined us. He told us about story telling and about the creative activities he is helping to develop in Prestonpans. Our new writer in residence Brian Whittingham was also present so we were given a lot of useful advice. There wasn’t time to read my poem, which means I don’t have comments to feed back about it. We will have to wait a couple of weeks for those.

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