Thursday, 12 November 2009

Just Back

‘Is it’- I ask myself – ‘a good thing to do lots of different things?’ To find the answer I could look at the sorts of things I have been doing recently. Yesterday, I went to Stirling and attended a networking conference on Telecare – not too bad a thing to do especially as Telecare is quite interesting and I spoke to people from around Scotland, including a woman from Orkney, who brought me up to date with some of the things that happen there. She thinks that the way they are using the ‘oil money’ is much more sensible than the way they use it in Shetland. There may be a bit of Northern Isle rivalry in this. When I got home, I went to the running club and had my first injury free run for six weeks. We did a session in the soft, water soaked park, which was good for my legs…. Good thing.
After that it was the usual trip to the Tyneside free sandwiches and pizza and to introduce Harvey to runners… well he has to learn about life’s odd ball’s some time! Another Good thing
I have spent most of today in various meetings at work. Not a good thing, then I took Harvey around to dad’s old folks home, where he was a hit with all the old ladies and gentlemen… Good thing.
So there are a lot more good things than not good things in the list and I guess that if I went through my daily activities I would have a lot of good things to note down and the bad things would be around activities that I’m not keen on doing, like going to meetings for example. Another example of a bad thing is going to Tesco’s at any time, but particularly on a Saturday lunch time, which I did last Saturday.

Harvey Update: He is doing amazingly well in his new surroundings. He is very sociable and gets on with people and other dogs. He likes a lot of attention. I am teaching him to sit and stay. He has been good at learning these instructions, but I suspect that his concentration will go if there is something interesting happening, such as another dog appearing on the scene. For that reason I haven’t let him off the lead when we are out walking. I’ll hold on for a while longer before I do that. I have let him off when we get out of the car and up to now he has run to the front door or stayed by my side, so that’s a good sign.

p.s. Lia and Harvey get on together… another good thing.


  1. a comment from your beautiful youngest daughter- very good thing!! hope your walk at the beach was lovely.....i wish i could meet harvey now, i'll have to practise my patience.

    let me know what you think of my india poem, i started it a while back and had the symphony part in it before the autumn poem, another sign of how similar our minds are-good thing.

  2. Hi Zee

    Harvey is a very good running partner, we had a great time at Belhaven beach. We met Norma and her dog Bruno and they got on really well. I hope that they will see a lot more of each other.

    I read your poem and it is wonderful, full of heart felt and shrewd observations. It's late and I am just back from the Haddy book festival, so I will read it again and send you some more specific comments.
    Love you xx

  3. I'm looking forward to meeeting Harvey!