Thursday, 26 November 2009

Harvey Here

I’m so excited I can’t sit still. Got so much to tell you about my new home and the things I’ve been doing . Woof.
I’ve been going on lots of walks and now I am allowed off the lead and I can run around. Just to show how much I like this, I always go back when I am called.  Arrf.
I love the beaches around here, especially the ones with lots of sand that I can run on. A few days ago I went for a run with Ray (he’s the guy who feeds me, so I’m always pleased to see him.) woof woof
He’s not a bad runner, but he doesn’t stop to sniff at the interesting things you find on the beach. Grrr
This morning I went for a run in the park and met Bruno, he’s a Sprocker and he’s a bit bigger than me and a bit loopy. I ended up with paw marks all over my coat, grrr grrr
I’ve made another friend as well, called Sky, we have great fun running around the stubble field, woof woof.
This afternoon I was left in the kitchen and I chewed up a lot of things, I really like the way you can chew up plastic. Ray said that it was lucky the socket unit was switched off when I chewed through the radio wire. He wasn’t pleased with me for that,  arrf, woof, grrr.
I’ve got lots more to tell you but I’m a bit busy just now, I’ve got to go and shake some old socks that are tied together. arrf, arrf.
Ps I’m glad that Ray sewed up my bed after I had chewed it because it’s more comfortable like that woof woof. :. :. :. :.

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