Monday, 14 December 2009

Harvey here #2

That’s a picture of me pulling Ray along on our run at Dunbar. Woof
They have this thing called Christmas fancy dress and they put on clothes to look like fairies and pixies, seems a bit strange to me. Arrff.
Everyone was very nice and said I was cute! Woff woff.
Ray and me went to Belhaven beach the other day and I chased a flock of birds, right into the sea. They didn’t think I was cute, grrr grrr.
We go to the beach a lot. Last week we went to Belhaven beach again, but this time we were by the chalets. Ray wanted me to go over the footbridge with all the holes in it, not on your nelly, I thought and I jumped straight into the river. It was only when I got wet that I remembered I hadn’t tried to swim before, but I’ve got a good doggie paddle and just about made it. Woff grrr.
Since I started living with humans, I’ve noticed that they have some strange habits. For instance, they never pee on trees or lampposts, they always use a big white bucket thing and pull a chain. Woof woof.
Another thing… they never give each other a good sniff, I don’t know have they get to know each other. Arff, woff.
Ray is looking a bit stressed out today. He said he has to get all these things ready for Christmas and he wants to write a short story…whatever that is. grrr grrr.
I’m quite happy lying in my bed until it’s time to go for a walk. Woof woof.


  1. ha ha, love getting to know you through your blog harvey. i cant wait to meet you and i'm so happy your happy and my dads happy. sendign you a big cuddels full of my love XXX