Friday, 18 March 2016

Prequel Day - 4: 25 June 2009

Brian mentioned above is Brian Tait who is a friend from Haddington. He comes from Shetland where his father was a teacher and a writer. I was able to discover his house in Mid Yell with the help of the men in the pub there. Mid Yell is mostly a peat island. |One of the three main islands of Shetland. Once again I stayed in a Bod on my own. This one was a nice cottage on a road to a farm.  When I arrived and went up the hill to find the key for the Bod, I was seen off by three dogs. I later met their owner in the pub. Before I got to the pub I had taken a big ride up towards the Island of Unst. I was in my cycling gear including tights so I got a few funny looks from the customers. However, when I asked about Brian's family house the whole pub got involved and eventually we tracked it down. The accents were thick and got thicker as the beer went down. My new best pal was talking to me like I was a local and I could make out about one in  three words. He told me about the Fray Bentos factory and local history. They wanted to make a night of it and even offered me and my bike a lift in the Land Rover. I had to decline because I was heading for Unst in the morning.

Met Steve again, half way across the moor on Yell

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