Saturday, 14 January 2012

Poor Harvey!

It can't be denied that the weather yesterday was magnificent. Clear blue skies, sunshine and cold, crisp air. The perfect day for a hike up Trapprain Law, so that is exactly what Harvey, a friend and I did. I have been up the Law a few times lately, so I know that the sheep who live there spend a lot of their time on the west side of the Law. I go up towards the east side and down on the west, which means Harvey can off be the lead on the way up, but when we get to the top, the lead goes on, in case we come across the sheep. Wonderful, as Harvey is ., his ability to resist chasing sheep is non-existent.
All was going well yesterday and as we descended from the top, after taking in the splendid views, Harvey spotted a flock of sheep and immediately tugged at the lead, which unfortunately was pulled out of my friends hand. So he was off across the rocks and back up the hill after the flock. It was obvious that he would not get anywhere near the sheep, because he had a rather long lead trailing behind him slowing him down. I ran after him shouting for him to stop, but to no avail. After about fifteen minutes of searching the top and making it over towards the east side of the Law, Harvey appeared, lead trailing behind him. It was soon obvious that he had hurt himself. He was holding his front left paw awkwardly and limping. However, as we headed for the car, he seemed to improve.
This morning the foot and limp were worse, so we headed for the vet. Sure enough, the diagnosis is a broken bone at the end of the pinkie toe of the left paw. The good news is that the bone will heal quite quickly, but in the mean time Harvey has a splint, with the splendid blue plaster wrapped around his leg. It has to remain in place for a week, after which time it will be changed and another bandage put on for another week. After that he will be healed and able to get back to normal life. Until then it is sedate walks on a lead for Harvey... quite a difference from his usual high energy performances.

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