Thursday, 5 January 2012

The SAA Society for all Artists

I've been a member of the SAA (Society for all artists) for a couple of years. My reasons for joining were to get copies of their excellent magazine 'PAINT'  and to make use of the cut price art  materials for sale in the catalogue. I hadn't bothered to look at their web site until yesterday, which is a pity because I found it to be a treasure trove of useful stuff for budding artists. A couple of things that caught my eye are the 'How too do art' articles. A quick scan through these revealed some great tips and tricks of the trade that can be brought into use when painting water colour. I also spotted the competition section and it aroused my interest. There are several different competitions, including the 'Artist of the Year.' You can submit the art online, which is a good step forward from sending stuff by email or even 'real mail.' The  three pieces I put forward are 'Cala Lillies, a life drawing (both in charcoal) and Tantallon Castle (Water colour). They are now on the SAA web site at:

Last night I went to the running club's first session of the year. It was wet and windy, but when you got going, surprisingly mild. No one was up for using head torches, so we ran around the Haddington route. This is supposed to be 11km, although there is always some debate about the length of our courses. There were six runners which isn't a bad turn out for the time of year and the conditions. Everyone running was faster than me, but that didn't stop them all getting a tow up the first hill! After that they disappeared into the night. It was one of those runs where you get stuck in as the wind pushes you back. The last two or three kms, the wind was behind and I was flying. Enjoyed the whole thing in spite of, or maybe because of the conditions.

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