Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Running... you know it makes sense!

Yesterday, I ran along the beach at Tyninghame with Harvey. It was early in the morning and the conditions were superb… bright sunshine and a keen frost. There was a haze over the sea and Harvey and I were the only ones around. It’s the nearest to running heaven I can think of.

Today is different. Harvey and I had a walk around Butterdean wood. It was raining, cold, windy and very muddy. Still there’s tonight’s run to look forward too. It might just be an 11k slog around the streets of Haddington followed by pizza and sandwiches at the Tyneside. I’ll be thinking about running on the beach!

Has anyone been watching ‘Being Human?’ I caught the series at the week end and have been catching the back series since then. The idea of house mates comprising of a werewolf, a ghost and a vampire is appealing but what I don’t understand is how do the vampires walk about in the daylight… they should be burning up. I think the writer is taking a liberty here.

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