Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Harvey Here #4

Ray has taken me to some great places recently and I’ve met new dogs, ruff ruff.
Yesterday, I met Millie who is a one year old golden Labrador. She’s a great runner and likes to play fight. Arrf arrf
We ran up a big hill called Trapprain Law and just ran and ran and ran, woof, gasp.
When we got to the top we ran round in circles for ages. The humans just stood around talking, woof woof.
Millie is bigger than me, in fact most dogs I meet are bigger than me but it doesn’t matter, although humans seem to think it is quite funny, arrf woof.
There are quite a few things that humans don’t understand, so here is a list to put them right, ruff, ruff.

• Size doen’t matter – I will sniff a dog or bitch of any size and I will get them to run and play with me. There is no sizeism in the dog world, arrf.

• A ball is for chasing. What humans have to remember is that it is their job is to throw the ball, arrf, woof.

• I have found out that I can control humans. If I sit and offer a paw to Ray he will give me a biscuit… easy, woof.

• I’m a pack animal and I like to be in company, especially with other dogs or humans who play with me. It’s Ray’s job to make sure this happens regularly, ruff, arff.

• Gimme attention, that’s what I want and lots of it. In return I’ll give lots of attention to you.

p.s. I got into trouble again… I bit through the back of Ray’s Croc. He sent me to bed for ages. grrr

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