Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Fence Key - Two

Jed looked down at his hands and they were trembling slightly. He stretched them and tried to get them to be still, just as they used to be, but it was no use, they only shook more. His fingernails were dirty - they never used to be. He looked out of the window and saw low, grey clouds. His mind went back to Monday morning. When he got home from Tesco’s his week started to deteriorate. He had gone into the back garden as usual and poked his hand behind the wooden fence to get the back door key, hanging there. Then two things happened. First, he looked over the fence and through next doors kitchen window but instead of seeing what was on the telly he locked eyes with James, his body building next-door neighbour. Then the second thing happened, he tried to unhook the key, but it wasn’t there.

“What are you looking at,” James said from behind a row of large teeth and a smile that drooled sweet menace. Jed watched a fine spray of spittle escape from James mouth and arc across the morning sky and then he imagined fists hitting him, one after the other until his nose was completely flat.

“Nothing… just getting my key,” he said
“Oh really, well show it to me then.”
“Ahh, now there’s a thing, it’s not on the hook where it should be.”
“You’re a creep, aren’t you, and you like looking through my kitchen window, don’t you?”

More tomorrow

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