Monday, 1 February 2010

It’s 1st February already, where did January go?

I have more questions than answers. For instance, how can I find a good ending for the Fence key story? It looks like I have boxed the main character into a corner. I have given him an amazing ability to read people’s minds. I mean quite literally read, because thoughts not only appear on Jed’s forehead but on other people’s as well. It’s a bit like a stigmata, a spontaneously appearing phenomena. Jed has also learned to read other people’s emotions …they correspond to the font type that the thoughts are printed in. Comic Sans means the person is happy go lucky, monotype corsiva belongs to a person prone to flowery speech, whereas IMPACT belongs to an angry person.

Jed’s psychiatrist, Damien Kelly wants to help, (in more ways than one, if he got his way.) He knows a virologist and someone in the church who can cast out demons, but they want a lot of  money to do it. How will  Jed and his cool friend Johnny find a way to get the money? Will it be the Churh or science that save Jed?  Will there be a twist?… there has to be!!

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