Monday, 22 February 2010

Fence Key - Seven

“What am I going to do Johnny?” Jed said.
“Do you really want to get rid of your skill, I think it’s cute?”
“Yes, I do. Damien asked me if I wanted to get rid of it and I gave him the same answer. I want to be like everyone else.”
“Okay, here’s what we do. We get you some reasonable clothes and I can sub you £250, and then we are going to take a trip to the casino. You will play black jack and win £50k in no time.
“We’ll never get away with it”
“We will because you will be able to read their cards. The card’s suit and number will be written on their foreheads.”
“I don’t like it.”
“Well it’s your only chance.”

Later that night Jud and Johnny arrived at the Mayfair where they were able to join instantly. Within fifteen minutes, they were standing in front of the croupier.

“Can you see the numbers on his forehead?” Johnny asked
“Yes, 10 hearts and ace of spades.”
“No more bets,” the croupier said.
When he turned his hand over is was the cards that Jud had read.
“You see, you can’t loose,” Johnny said.
Over the next four hours Jed amassed £10,000 I chips.
“That’s’ enough for tonight, Johnny said, lets go.
The place was buzzing with excitement over Jed’s win, but he could sense hostility under the bonhomie.
“Did you see the way they looked when they cashed the chips?” Jed said.
“Yes, I saw that, but there’s nothing they can do, we won fair and square. But just to be on the safe side, tomorrow night we go to Casino Casablanca.”

The next night Jed was feeling nervous. He had never played with such a big bankroll before. That was why he accepted first one glass of champagne and then another as the pile of chips in front of him grew. He was aware of a sultry blond looking at him and a surge of excitement rushed up his leg as she brushed up against him.
“Darling, you are a winner,” she said.
Hmmm, he said.
“How do you do it?” she said.
“It’s just luck.”
The chip pile had grown well above £15,000 and Johnny wanted to leave.
“Don’t’ leave yet, darling, not before buying me a drink, the sultry blond said.”
”Sorry, but I have to go with Johnny,” he replied.
“But I haven’t even seen you properly,” she said and pulled off his beanie.
A collective gasp arose amongst the crowd. They were all looking at Jed’s forehead and it said Ace of hearts and Queen of spades. Jed put his beanie back on and Johnny scooped up the chips, they headed for the exchange.
“The manager would like to have a word with you” a security man said. Jed looked at the man and his colleague and decided not to argue.
“First of all, let me reassure you that we will honour yourtakings, but I hope you don’t mind having a little chat with me,” the manager said.
Jed and Johnny said nothing.
“Would you like to explain how you do it?”
“It’s just luck.”
Jed felt a sting on the back of his head and turned around to look at the fist which had delivered it.
“This guy is a real creep boss,” the second security man said.
Jed had heard that voice before. He took a proper look and saw his next-door neighbour.
“Yes, me… now tell the boss what you told me.”
“You wont believe this, but I’ve got special powers.”
“Oh, aye and I’m Spiderman, don’t waste my time laddie” the boss said.
“It’s true, that’s how I can tell what’s going to be played at the table.”
“I told you he was a creep,” the neighbour said.
“Now, laddie, I don’t want to hear anymore nonsense. You cash your chips and leave, before I change my mind. I don’t want to see you here again… understand?
“Yes, sir,” Jed and Johnny said in stereo.

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