Thursday, 4 February 2010

Fence Key - Three

Jed looked into James eyes and his mind flew back to the clinic. He felt the same feelings as he did there and he couldn’t stop the thing that happened next. His eyes started watering and he coughed to try and cover up laughter. But he couldn’t stop himself. It wasn’t ordinary laughter, it was the laugh of someone deranged… a mad laugh Dr. Kelly called it.

Jed didn’t want to remember what happened next and concentrated hard. He had something to do and it was important. It was so important that it would sort out all his problems and get him through to Saturday. It wasn’t anything to do with Dr. Kelly for once. The big Irish doctor was full of good intentions, but they were all so much hot air. In the end, he always played by the book and prescribed the medication. He was the only doctor Jed knew who apologised for giving him tranquillisers. Jed had a strong suspicion that Dr. Kelly knew what the problem was, but it didn’t fit into a clinical diagnosis and so it had to be eradicated, otherwise, the whole medical edifice might crumble.

“We’ll get you some Cognitive Behaviour Therapy after we see how these work,” he said and they both knew it was a cop out.

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