Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Let's go to school

Those of you who have read my blog over the last few months will have noticed that I’m developing my interest in painting and drawing. At this time of the year there are a lot of opportunities to take adult evening classes in these subjects. The problem is deciding which one(s) to pick. I have been pouring over the courses available in East Lothian and just to make it more difficult, I have had a look at what is available at the Poldrate Arts and Crafts Centre (PACC,) in Haddington. Thankfully, I have come to a decision. I am going to sign up for the Acrylic painting classes at PACC. I have never painted with acrylic, but I have read about it and am intrigued. I also fancy the painting and drawing classes on Tuesday afternoons at PACC, so that shouldn’t interfere too much with other things. On the adult learning side I have paired the options down to Life Drawing at North Berwick and Portraits which are on a couple of week ends in October. Looks like September to December could be busy.

Visited Whitesands beach yesterday, not to paint it this time, but to have a wee swim. I wasn’t the only one. My granddaughter and her friend, my son and two daughters and two dogs all got in. It was breath taking cold to start off with, but amazing how quickly you adapt to it and you are left me feeling very exhilarated. There was only one after affect that I know of- n Harvey, who must have drunk too much sea water and ate too much sand has had very runny diarrhoea today!

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  1. Ray,

    Get yourself down to Lidl. They have loads of painting gear in at the moment.... Acrylic paints, easels, “canvases” etc.

  2. Thanks Stuart

    I'll get down there pronto