Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Running at Dunbar

Went along to Dunbar running club last night and had a run with Neil. We went out along the tracks through the John Muir country park and followed them through to the North Berwick road. From there we followed the old A1 back to the round about to West Barnes and then along the side of the new A1 and back along the outskirts of Dunbar to the Halhill centre. It was 10 miles at a moderate pace and I felt quite good as I got into the running. I’m still getting a swollen and achy Achilles but it calms down after the run.
Now that I have hit the dreaded 60, I have been thinking about setting out my stall and following up art and writing. All of these things take up time so any way of combining them would be useful. I guess that I will continue to focus on one and then another, although art is stimulating my imagination the most at present.

I got another book out of the  library yesterday. It is all about using pastels and looks well thought out and interesting. Must make sure that I arrange the time to use it before it is due back.

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