Thursday, 5 August 2010

North Berwick Law Race

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It's good to get out while the long summer nights are still with us. Last night saw me in North Berwick taking part in  the North Berwick Law race. This is a classic race that has been going on for many years. It has gained in popularity to the point where there were 250 taking part. Not a bad effort considering it is a mid week race which starts at 7.30 pm. I spoke to someone who had come over from Dumfermline and judging by the club vest, people were taking part from far and wide. The race starts at the harbour and takes the most direct route to the law through the lodge gardens and past the leisure centre. Then it is walking pace up to the top of the Law,  avoiding suicidal runners who are on their way down. There were a few people at the top who gave me a good shout, which I was grateful for. The way down a bit on the treacherous side, so I basically went down like a nanny. Near the bottom , I took a 'short cut'  and was overtaken by Ruth from our club who did the sensible thing and stayed on the  proper path. I was grateful for being back on track and road and picked up my pace back through the park and down the road to the harbour. The support around the course was terrific and really helped to keep you going. After that was the reward of fish and chips and a pint!!
I went along to Tom's session tonight for a different kind of running. A track session of which the main set was 200m run, 100 walk, 400 run, 100 walk x 6. My legs were quite achy but I enjoyed the session.
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