Sunday, 15 August 2010

Haddinton half marathon

There was a good turn out at the Haddington half marathon yesterday, no doubt the online entry this year made the difference with an estimated field of over 200. The Haddington half is well known for scorching hot weather that it is usually run in and the early weather forecast predicted another hot day. In the lead up to the 2 pm start it was cool and cloudy and I thought the conditions would suit the runners, but soon after the start the clouds parted and the sun came out, making it hot and difficult for the slower runners.

My marshall spot was at the end on Mill Wynd, just before the end of the race, so I got a good view of the runners as they finished. The winner from Cambuslang was way ahead of the field and looked comfortable on the run in. Callum Reid, a HELP runner was fourth with Ian Sills, Dunbar right behind him. I didn’t get back into the field to see the presentations, will look for the results on HELP’s web site with interest.

This is Waterloo bridge which is on the road out of Haddington, the runners go over it near the start and finish of the race.

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  1. Dear Ray,
    Lovely to enjoy your drawings and paintings. I like them. Please keep up!
    Kind regards, Sadami

  2. Thank you sadami. I had a look at your blog yesterday and really enjoyed your tutorial on quickie portrait painting. I'm going back to read more and try out some quickie water colours myself.
    Good luck with your painting

  3. Dear Ray,
    Thank you for a nice comment and visiting my blog! Yes, please have fun in quickies. You, too, good luck with your painting journey.
    Kind regards, Sadami