Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Spanish... you know it makes sense.


I can’t speak Spanish, but since visiting Cuba, I would love to learn. It’s easy to start something like that, but not so easy to keep it going. But… I’ve made a start. I looked up Spanish lessons on Google and it came up with lots of lessons, including the BBC. You can sign up for a twelve week course for free. They send you a lesson a week by email, to work on, with lots of tips etc. At the end of the 12 weeks you can take an assessment, which to you and me means a test! One good thing about this is that you can ask a friend to join you. As it happens, Sally is keen to learn Spanish, so we are going to do it together. The first lesson is about taking a taxi ride and booking into a hotel, both of which I did in Cuba without speaking the lingo. I’m going to have a go at it later.

First, I’m going down to the running club to see if I can run. I’ve had a problem with my Achilles since I got back from Cuba. It’s very annoying because I was getting fit and enjoying my running before I went on holiday. I had good intentions of doing some running over there, but it was so humid that I just didn’t do it and drank pina colatas instead. I’ve been nursing the injury along and for the last two weeks and I have given the tendon a good massage with my special massage roller. I want to be able to run because I am down to do the third of the Borders triathlons at Hawick on Sunday.

Gatwick is crap… full of stressed out people, especially on Friday evenings. Here's a couple of sketches I filled my time with when I was waiting for my delayed flight back to Edinburgh

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