Friday, 4 May 2012

Telford College

A white A4 sized envelope hit the mat at my front door the other day. When I picked it up, I saw the words Telford College written on the outside. I was surprised at my reaction. I went into avoidance mode. I couldn't open it because inside was the result of my application and interview to study for the Foundation Diploma in Art and Design. I haven't felt so nervous since I was an eighteen year old waiting for the outcome of job interviews. In the end I tore the envelope open and took a tiny peep at the first line of the letter. I saw the word 'pleased' and let out a very big 'YIPPEE.' I'm not kidding... I wasn't able to read the letter properly until the afternoon. When I did, I found out that I have got a student username and password - so that must make me an official student. The course starts on 20 August at the sparkling new campus in Granton. This is such an amazing development in my life that I can hardly believe it.
 The course is in three parts.  To start off we get to try out all sorts of different media. This will be stuff I have never done before, such as sculpting, printing and getting into digital 3d animation, plus a whole lot more. The next section of the course is about focussing on the area of art I want to develop and learning the skills necessary. The final third is producing a piece of art which is judged as part of the ongoing assessment of the course. There are various assignments that have to be completed  in order to progress on the course. I am also expecting that we will be looking at our attitudes to art and unblocking preconceptions about what it is all about.
So that leaves a couple of months to go on a long cycle ride around the North Sea Cycle Route. I will be taking my sketch book and water colours with me. 14 days until I leave for Bergen.