Saturday, 19 May 2012

The land of Fjords, high prices & at least one thief

Frank picked me, my bike box & 2 seed bags full of panniers, tent, sleeping bag and lots of stuff neede to keep me going during 10 weeks of cycling. I left Harvey in the wonderful hands of the Balfour clan & my house with house sitter extrodinaire Ann Andrews - a 69 year old from Darwin

Getting ready to go was probably as difficult as the ride is going to be. After the traffic jams on the bypass, the flight could not have been better. For some reason I didnt get charged for my bike I met a guy called Damian ftom Wolverhampton who had lived in Norway for 7 years, so I got a lot of gen on Bergen from him As we flew west we left soaking Haddy behind & into sunshine I watched the sun go down  on the roof terrace of the YMCA

Bergan is a lot like Oban but posher Loads of expensive boats with a backdrop of big wooden buildings & mountains Around the fish market it buzzes Up to now I have had enough ups & downs to  last the whole
worst lows were trying to sleep in a bunk above a woman whose snoring ranked as 10 on the rickter scale The worst was forgetting to take my tool bag off the bike when I went to the library - it got nicked with all my priceless & essential tools in it The best was meeting a Canadian guy called Eric Bohm who gave me some of his set I didnt know wether to laugh or cry

Tomorrow is the first big day on the bike & the weather is suppoded to b ok Bergen is well worth a visit


  1. hey dad, sounds like heaps has happened already! Loving the upsidedown photos I just turned the laptop, handy! Amazing the canadian guys help you out! Sounds like and adventure, maybe you should get some earplugs!!

    we were surfing in the sun with lia today and stayed at the beach in the poptop last night, had a massisve bonfire XX

  2. Ray! Looks like you ended up in Australia!

  3. I'm gonna have to work out how to get photos on my smartphone to work on the blog.
    Haven't been able to blog regularly because of being on the road and out of wifi reach.