Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Smartphone & 18 days to go to Bergen

This is  my first post using my new mobile I have found out that this requires a whole new set of skills so bear with me on the typos
I'm also multi-tasking - on a web site looking for house sitters while I'm away 17 May - 26 july. If  ur interested get in touch
Two big bits of news - First is my brand new shed/sftudio Its 12 x 8' & a great place to do my paintings in
You can find out about my other piece of fantastic news on my next blog ;-)


  1. Tell them about the 5 locks!!!! ha ha xx

  2. Hei Ray. I like it to see here the beginning of your NSCR trip. To see how it grows. I like the idea to go across Canada some day, to be your homebase, when you ride and write and send posts. Live blogging.

  3. I have been looking at some information about cycling across Canada and I think it can be done. Yes, next time I will do the live blogging and it will be good for you to be my home base. I would like to do more drawing and painting the next time.