Thursday, 10 May 2012

Cycling Mindset

Really getting myself into a mindset to cycle 6000kms around the North Sea Cycle Route, helped by reading Scott Wallace's blog He has completed a quarter of his trans America route from east to west - he has been meeting some good & generous people      I have been getting my gear together Today I bought a nice sleeping mat & a trangia for cooking  The key is to keep things light so I have been buying stuff with that in mind My tent has already seen service in Shetland & weighs in at 3.6lbs & the rest of the gear is pretty light too I want to try it out before I go... If it ever stops raining Had a run out on my bike the other night to see what it feels like with front panniers - pleased with feel of the  bike although the butterfly handle bars make going around corners at speed a bit tricky
Might kip on the new mat in the back bedroom tonight to see how it feels

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