Thursday, 1 April 2010

Harvey Peaks

Harvey is a hero. Today he, Ben and I did a big walk into the wilderness and Harvey bagged his first Munroe. We followed the River Inverie to Mam Barridale pass, and then decided to go up Luienna Bheinn 939m. The weather kept changing every five minutes. We had brilliant sunshine followed by heavy snow and painful hail. We also had our fair share of whiteouts. It all meant a really interesting and strenuous walk. Harvey got very excited when we spotted a group of deer - 15 in all. He gets really manic and wants to chase after them. If we didn't have him on the lead, he would have been off again. On the way back Ben and I were getting a bit knackered and Harvey was still full of Beans. It has caught up with him now, he is fast asleep ahhh.

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