Thursday, 22 April 2010

60 is a good number

I noticed that I hit my 60 mark for blogging the other day. Thirty of these were last year, so that means thirty are for this year. I wonder if you become a blogger the minute you establish an account, or when you are active on the blog – earning your wings, so to speak. I think that when I reach 100, I will feel that I am an established blogger. This only goes to show that I have milestones on my mind at the moment. Maybe that's because my dad was 89 yesterday, which of course means he is only I year off 90! He says he can’t believe he's that old.

On August 17 this year I will be 60, so there's another milestone! Hopefully, I will react to it like my dad and see the positives in getting older. I'm working on an eccentric personality already and I think it is coming on quite well.

Earlier this week I took a look at some other blogs by pressing the next blog button. Nine out of ten of them were dross, but I came across an interesting blog, which aims to encourage Nigerian writing , called; it also has a nice set of drawings, showing the development of a drawing. It links to a Nigeria writing web site set up. The stories on the site look pretty good. You don’t have to be Nigerian to join. At the moment, I am following the site on blog list.

Had a good run with the club last night. It was the Begbie – Bolton route with joiners brae thrown in. It is the longest I have run for a while, and the conditions were just right – this is a good time of year to run...

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