Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Snowy Knoydart.

Lots of wind, snow and sleet at Knoydart today, but I went on a circuit with the local ranger and found out a lot about this highly successful community owned peninsula. The main thing to say is that it is environmentally sustainable and very successful. 
There is a lot of dark history to the area as well. The clearances decimated the peninsula, which at it's height had 2000 people living here. When the community foundation took over there were 50 people, now there are 100 and growing.
In 1934, Lord Brocket moved in and became a Nazi sympathiser. There is a momonument he left to his family and himself still standing on the island. More recently, his grandson has appeared on 'I'm a celebrity get me out of here.' He has also been done for fraud.
In the afternoon, I painted Nevis bay and surrounding mountains and there are marks where the snow flakes fell. Luckily there is a magnificent log cabin in which I sheltered when a(nother) squall came through.


  1. It sounds fantastic, despite the weather - I'm very jealous! And the snow & rain here have been horrible so I'm sure you're better off in snow in Knoydart. See you after Easter - I have a DVD for you.

  2. Thanks Christine. Look forward to seeing my kick.