Saturday, 11 August 2012

Day 14: The rain comes down and I take ferries from Risor and Stabbestad

At Risor I  encounter the first serious rain of the tour and my wee tent stands up well to it. I'm back on the ferries again but they are tiny compared to the ferries I used on my way to Stavanger.

On the ferry to Kragero

Sketching while waiting for the ferry at Risor


The ferry at Risor - I'm the only passenger

Wet and Happy
Out of Risor - the Kragero Peninsula


The ferry was like a bus, people were dropped off at their house


On the road again

Hydro works

Atmospheric evening next to the river

Wild camping - this was a very nice spot

Always take your own rubbish with you and I also took at least one piece of someone else's rubbish as well

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