Monday, 10 January 2011

Belhaven Beach and Bass Rock

Belhaven beach when the tide is out is a huge mass of sand with stunning views of Bass Rock and North Berwick Law. It is a perfect place for Harvey to run until his little heart is content!

I painted this picture last autumn, but didn't like the result, but had a another go at it today and I think it had come out better. It is interesting how much the light affects the colours on the photo. The first photo of the painting was taken with an ordinary light shining on it. The second was taken with a flash. I can't make my mind up about which one shows the painting to best effect!


  1. Dear Ray,
    I like both pictures. Each has different beauty in colors and contrast.
    Enjoy "Turner." (*Come to Sydney!<--my wish) I'll upload other sketches at the gallery following week.
    Cheers, Sadami

  2. Ray,

    For my money, the top one's the best. But that may be because I associating that bit of the coast with running along there on a nice summers evening when the light seems to really bring out the colours.


  3. Thanks Sadami
    Turners' water colours are outstanding. He really experimented with colour and captured incredible images and scenes. He wasn't afraid to use any material to enhance the water colour painting. I especially like the Italian scenes and the mountains in Switzerland.

    Hi Stuart
    Aye, Belhaven beach and John Muir country park are great places to run. I will get down to Dunbar running club one of these fine days!