Thursday, 27 January 2011


Since I became involved in painting and drawing, the amount of gear I have acquired has gradually grown. It’s not only paints and paint brushes which accumulate, there are all sorts of different paper, both loose and in folders of various sizes. Then there are pencils, pens, charcoal, chalk and crayons. There are also easels and boards and containers for water. Apart from the raw materials there are sources of inspiration to collect. These could be pictures from magazines or calendars.or photos that I have taken with the idea that they might make a good painting. I have also collected birthday or Christmas cards that I likeand I have quite a number of books, magazines and catalogues which are full of tips and good ideas for developing painting and drawing skills. Oh yes, and then there notes and stuff which are the result of classes I have attended. Last but hopefully not least are the paintings and  I produce.

What am I to do with all this stuff? Well, the first thing  is to get rid of all the unnecessary stuff by having a good clear out. I have done this but still find that I have loads of stuff piled up and it needs some organisation.
I neded a room which I could dedicate to art. Luckily I have a spare room which is the obvious choice. But the stuff needs to be organised, so that I know where it is and get hold of it when I need to. The obvious answer is shelves… brilliant! I went along to B & Q and my luck was in. There was a universal five shelf unit (meant for the garage) some 68.5" tall and 28" wide on sale at the reduced price of £20. After studying it for some time I decided that it would be more than enough to accommodate my stuff!

Setting the shelves up was straight forward and I now feel quite organised. The stuff in my bedroom has been removed to the spare room and my bedroom has been transformed from a junk heap into a place to sleep! So now there are no excuses, I can go ahead with paintings and drawings, all I need is time and inspiration... so watch this space.

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