Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Tumble turns

Still not running due to an Achilles problem. I’ve been doing some swimming and have been out on the bike, which has kept me reasonably sane. Last night I went along to the Tranent swimming club, Masters section. I usually go to this on Mondays because the coaches are helpful. It also means I do breast stoke and back stroke as well as the usual front crawl, this believe it or not is a good thing!. Last night the session was early, due to the summer holidays. I got there at 7 pm and the pool was full of minnows and no masters, so I joined them. The kids are so fit, it makes you get out of breath watching them. The warm up was swimming different strokes around the pool, yes, around the sides and widths. We then practiced tumbles turns (not my best activity.) Then it was how to push off from the wall in breast stroke. The best was still to come – two x 20 sets of tumble turns across the widths. This was followed by swimming underwater for one, then two, then three widths. I was pretty waterlogged when I got out, but those tumble turns will either sort out my technique or kill me!

I have been visiting Butterdean woods with Harvey quite a bit lately. It is a great wood, with lots of native trees in it and some good paths. Here is a sketch in fineliner ink.

I have also sketched my dad recently, here are two of them.

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