Thursday, 22 July 2010

Went to see ‘Inception’ the other night. Leonardo Di Capro and Gordon Joseph-Levitt (late of 3rd Rock from the Sun) starred. The film is a real brain twister, in the same league as ‘The Matrix.’ This sci fi story takes us into peoples dreams where architects design cities based on their imagination. The main characters go into the dreams to steal information or plant the seeds of future decisions the person will make. But what you can do once, why not do twice or even three or four times? The film takes us down to dreams within dreams within dreams and asks the question of how do we hold on to what it real. There’s a danger for those involved that they will lose it and they nearly do. Overall, I would guess that the most impressive aspect of the film is the special effects. I particularly liked Gordon Joseph-Levitt doing a 2001 type weightless dance as he tied up the cast and ushered them into a lift.

On Tuesday night I went along to the summer series race between the local running clubs. It was a 3.4 mile run along the west beach  of North Berwick. I had missed the other summer series runs due to injury and it was great to be in amongst the runners again. I was given a very generous handicap and got back first, but I’m not kidding myself. I still have a sore Achilles and I have lost a lot of fitness. Nothing for it but to get out there on a regular basis.

I have found out how to trim photos on the scanner, so here is my first self portrait, fully trimmed.

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