Friday, 2 July 2010

Harvey here  #7
When Ray went away to Cuba he didn’t take me with him, grrr.
I went to stay with Skye at Innerwick, woof.
I was there for two weeks and had a great time play fighting with Skye, woof, woof.
The garden at Skye’s house is very easy to get out of, so I went exploring quite a lot. Skye’s owner tied me up, but I showed them, I chewed through two leads… who’s a clever boy then?
When Ray got back he took me camping on the coast between Gullane and Yellowcraig, arrf.
He did a painting of the scene and I chased the waves. Ray laughed at me when I got scared by the big waves, grrr. We slept in his one man – one dog tent, woof.
The only trouble was that a north wind blew up and we were both cold, grrr
We got up early and had some fun running around the beach, woof.
I’ve not been staying in the car when Ray is at work because it’s too hot, arrf.
Sometimes I stay in the house and other times I can get into the garden, I’m always pleased when he gets home from work, arrf, woof.
This week we have been going to Butterdean wood and exploring the paths. It’s great there, I can run around following all the scents woof ,woof

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