Sunday, 30 May 2010

Running and drawing and writing

My granddaughter Lia and her dog Skye came for a sleep over on Friday night. I always enjoy her company because she has the sharp eyed observation and wit of a six year old. There were a lot of why? questions this visit. When I asked why she asked so many questions, I got a shrug of the shoulders. It’s always pretty active when Lia comes to stay and this time we had two dogs to look after! Saturday started early, about 6 am. By 12 noon, we had been out with the dogs, visited the farmers market, gone for a swim and had started on lunch.

After that we decided to do some drawing. Lia asked me to draw her and Skye, which was fine for five minutes, and then the rain started and both my models went inside, in any case this is what I produced .

This morning I went for a run with Tom’s new Sunday morning running group. We met at the car park at Ormiston Bridge and run through parts of East Lothian I didn’t know. We headed along the old rail paths for a few miles and came out about one and half miles from, Whitecraig. From there we went up the hill to Cousland, and eventually back down to the rail walk again. There was an argument about whether it was 7.5 or 7.9 miles long. It didn’t seem nearly that long to me, which showed how much I enjoyed the scenery. I’m looking forward to exploring more of the paths with this group of runners and I’ll be taking Harvey for a few walks around there too. Just in case you are wondering, Harvey didn’t miss out, we went to East Saltoun Woods after the run and he had a great sniff around.

I am gearing up for my trip to Cuba, starting next Wednesday and I’m wondering what it will be like to run and swim in a beautiful, communist, Caribbean country. Probably, better than running in the cold, north east wind which unbelievably was blowing again today. Pat and I were going on this adventure together, but, very unfortunately she fell, playing tennis and it resulted in a complicated wrist fracture, which means she cannot come. I don’t know any Spanish, so it should be interesting.

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