Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Harvey here #6

Just got back from a run on the beach with one of my best friends, Bruno, arrf
He's a Sprocker which is a mixture of Cocker and Springer spanie,l woof.
Bruno loves to run and likes to doggy-play fight, so that is right up my street, woof woof.
He likes chasing deer, just like I do, so our owners put us on a lead when there are any around, grrr.
Recently, Ray, my owner has been giving me lots of training lessons, arrf.
He makes me sit quite often, especially, if we are going to cross the road, woof.
He has been doing more of this since I went to stay with Skye and her owners, Sally and Craig, woof.
I went on a run about once or twice and got to know some of the local dogs, arrf
You can't blame me for being curious, especially as a bitch in the next cottage was on heat, arrf, woof.
Ray said that most of the children in the village were out looking for me and I caused quite an upset, grrr
I made up for it last week end when I spent most of the day with Bruno and his owner, Norma, woof.
I ran around the garden for hours and although Bruno is bigger than me, I kept up with him most of the time, arrf, arrf.
Later we visited some of Norma's family and two other dogs, they all thought I was cute, arrf
I'll be staying with Bruno, Norma and Joe for a whole week-end soon... that will be fun woof, arrf.


  1. Hello Harvey and greetings from Melbourne!
    Just wanted to say you look very cute in your photo. Sounds like you're having fun.
    Love and scratches behind the ears, Peta

  2. Woof woof, I like scratches behind my ears.