Monday, 31 May 2010

Get well soon

I've got three things on my mind at the moment. Pat's wrist injury is number one. Her operation went well and the doc has said he is pleased. It will take six weeks in the scaffolding  and a lot of physio for her to recover.
The back garden patio is also high on the list. I knew this would be difficult, because the garden slopes away in two directions, but it has turned into a marathon and I am now so well known at keyline, that they are nice to me!
Thirdly, is Cuba. I'm away on Wednesday. I've filled in my visa and confirmed my flight, so all I have to do now is pack.

This morning being a Monday, I was at Tynepark, I skipped my usual job of giving out taster sessions of shiatsu and ran the 'Art Group.' Sarah and Maria (her helper) usually do this but they were both away. The session went well, and I got a chance to do a quick water colour. I'm going to give this to Pat as a get well card.

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