Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Snow, snow and more snow

It’s snowing outside and has been for over an hour. The flakes are the small to medium variety and there are millions of them, covering the big snow dump we had three days ago. I saw this one coming. Harvey and I were visiting John Muir Country Park. It was bright, sunny and very cold, the machair, between the beach and the car park was an ice rink. The beach was empty except for Harvey, the big breaking waves and me. We were enjoying ourselves, running along the edge of the sea, chasing sticks when I became aware of the dark clouds on the horizon. They looked ominous and were a total contrast to the bright sunshine. We continued our run around the headland and across the tidal flats to the woods and then back to the car park. By this time, the dark clouds had become darker, with a black centre. There was a terrific crash, which turned out to be thunder and lightening. It was turning into a scene from ‘Lord of the Rings.’ Snowflakes began falling and I decided against driving to Innerwick and into the blizzard; instead I high tailed it back to the sunshine in Haddington. It didn’t take long for the black clouds to catch up with us but we’ve not had any thunder and lightening... yet!

Harvey and I have been taking a rest over the Christmas and New Year holidays. We are now fully rested and will be blogging away over the next few days. A belated HAPPY NEW YEAR to all who follow blogs.

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