Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Cycling again

Before today, I had got the bike out a few times this year.  I got the bike out a week last Wednesday. I remember the day well because of an embarrassing incident outside the Post Office, where I fell off and gave myself a nasty bruise on the bohooki. It was pretty sore and I had problems going upstairs and couldn't go running that night. I blame the muck still on the bike from my cycle around the North Sea last year. The chain came off, got trapped behind the gears and bingo there I was being asked by a mum with her buggy whether I was alright. 'Yes, I winced.' Since then the bike has been cleaned, the gears have been sorted and the toe clips which contributed to my fall, have been removed.

Today was quite different, it was a great day for cycling. The MET weather predictors had the east of Scotland with the sun over it and the rest of the UK with dark clouds and rain over them. They were right... cycling in the sunshine - very nice.  I had worked out that it wasn't a good idea to cycle to Edinburgh College, Granton campus from Haddington because it is a twenty odd mile trip each way and I would have to get up very early to get there for 8.30. Instead, I took the car to Musselburgh with the bike inside and parked it at the park and drive. From there it is about 10 miles to college, which is fairly acceptable for a ride before the working day. Although I haven't been outside on the bike for a while, I have been on the saddle quite regularly at spinning. There was only one head case, who thought it was a good idea to pull out of a side road as I was going past. The rest of the trip was splendid. I enjoyed the smell of the sea wafting over at Potobello and on to Newhaven, as I cycled past the morning traffic jams. So, I'm back on the bike, back on the road where I should be.

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