Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Cross country running at Berwick

One of the Borders cross country races is near Berwick on Tweed, at a place called Spitall. It is an attractive course, which soon heads out onto the beach. At the far end of the route, it heads up a hill and along the coastal path into a field. The way back is along the same route in reverse. A couple of years ago, the tide was fairly high when we left. When we got back it was right up to the edge of the dunes with big waves splashing in. At a particular spot you had to time your way around the corner of a headland or else the waves got you. Not everybody got through unscathed. In fact one of our club members was engulfed by the waves. Claire came through okay and left a memorable photo of her exploits behind her.
This is my interpretation in water colour and acrylic


  1. Wow, Ray,
    Nice texture and white, snow!! I love snow. The model's face expression is very nice and interesting.

  2. Hi Sadami
    Guess what, it is wave spray, but I can see why you thought it was snow. I used acrylic on top of water colour for this one.

    All the best