Saturday, 3 March 2012


It doesn't happen very often, but today I had a rush of blood to the head and got out into the garden. I intended to start a diy job that I've been thinking of doing all winter. The idea was to build an arch between the patio in the back garden and the lawn... so that they would be more connected.
 If you look in the green house you will spot the wood I bought a while ago. It has been sitting there waiting for me. So today, I decided to make a small start by digging a few holes and putting in some uprights. First job was to dig out a pile of lilies and borrow a sledge hammer. Not for the lilies... for the spikes that the uprights go in.
I made pretty good progress, so I just carried on. I quite enjoyed being out in the fresh air, even though it was a bit cold. Before I knew it I had the side panels on and was making some serious inroads into the horizontals. Fortunately, I had the right nails and equipment to carry on with the job... so that's just what I did. A highlight of the whole episode was getting to use my new electric mitre saw. I bought it to start on some framing for my paintings, but it was great on this job. By the time the footy results were on, I was finished and here is the result.

Whatever next!

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