Monday, 14 February 2011

The Audax Tour of East Lothian

This wonderful event is organised by Musselburgh cycling club. Now, you might think that cycling 105 or is it 106 kms in Scotland in February is a bit silly, but even so there were a lot of people at the starting line, yesterday from 10 am onwards. This is the third year I have ridden this route. The first time was on a multi-terrain bike and I swore never to use that again on a long ride of this sort. Last year I used my road cum tourer bike and found out on the hill down to Garvald that my brakes weren't really up to the job. This year I decided to use my road bike, even if the tyres were not all that good for ify road surfaces. This time the valve on my back tyre went before the event started, so I got a new tube in and off I went. It started to get a bit windy and rainy as we got to Pencaitland and Gifford, but the real wind and rain was reserved for Redstane Rigg. The hill down to Garvald was exhilarating even without my rain splattered, steamed up glasses. As ever I was very relieved to arrive at the cafe in Dunbar and take  in some much needed food and drink. The route back to Haddington and Musselburgh seemed to go by quite quickly this year, it was a matter of grinding it out. Well done to the organisers and everyone who took part.


  1. Nice to see you Ray, shame the wind turned for the finish. But wasn't it bliss turning that corner above Whiteadder!!


  2. Hi Alastair

    Good to see you too. It was quite a challenge wasn't it! Coming out of the wind on the road to Garvald was great and I enjoyed the hill down too. Hope to see you on another event.

    Best wishes